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10 ways to enhance your entryway (and wow your guests)

When guests first walk into your home, what do they see? If first impressions are important to you, then making over your entryway is a great way to up your home’s presentation. Our team here at Craftmark Homes has put together a list of 10 easy ways you can wow your guests by enhancing your home’s entryway.

1 – Amplify natural light with a supersize mirror

Entryways can seem dark except when the door is open. One easy way to spruce up an entryway is to add a supersize mirror. It will give guests something – or in this case someone – to look at, and it will boost any natural light in the space.

2 – Plaster the walls with art

Whether it’s art from your children, a good friend, or a variety of gallery purchases, an entryway full of art that you’ve collected over the years is an eye-catching sight that can spark countless conversations and give guests a taste of the interesting visit they’ll be enjoying.

3 – Plaster the walls with knickknacks from your travels

If you’re a traveler, consider this approach as an alternative to the above tip. Multiple small shelves or hangings displaying items you’ve collected from your travels welcome guests into a space that feels uniquely “you.”

4 – Make a statement with one centerpiece

If you have an object or an art piece with a great story behind it, and it is large enough to be a center of attention, let it serve as a statement piece. Usher guests into and out of your living space with a memorable experience.

5 – Embrace the aesthetics of your entryway

Is your entryway tiny? There’s no reason it can’t be just as enticing as a larger space. Instead of trying to artificially expand the space, choose smaller, more rustic design elements to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

6 – Experiment with storage options

From pull-out shelving to concealed coat closets, there’s virtually no end to the number of great ways you can incorporate storage into your entryway in a way that’s both functional and welcoming.

7 – Bust out a bench

Benches are underrated as a design element. An entryway bench can be a statement piece that also serves a functional purpose, inviting guests to easily deal with shoes or rainboots.

8 – Paint your entryway a contrasting shade

Painting your entryway a different shade than the rest of your home is a bold move, but it can pay off. What do you want guests to feel when they enter your home? Laid back? Try a beige or a rustic red. Modern? Maybe a black, white and red pattern will do the trick. Glamorous? Go for pink or a rich purple. Experiment with designs and colors to create an entryway that immediately sets the tone of your home.

9 – What about wallpaper?

If painting your entryway in a certain color or design just isn’t working for you, consider choosing wallpaper to create a similar effect. There are lots of peel & stick options on the market now that mean you won’t have to make a huge commitment!

10 – Experiment with design themes that are true to who you are

If a certain style of design particularly speaks to you, extend it into your entryway. Remember, the entryway is the first and last thing your guests experience when they come to visit. Make your entryway a true reflection of your style and design sensibilities. Whether you prefer Renaissance European, low country French, or rustic Southwestern, a nook of cohesive design in your entryway will make it emblematic of your individuality.

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