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3 easy ways to create the perfect playroom

For many new homebuyers, a top priority is helping their children settle into their new home. To help you create the perfect playroom, our team here at Craftmark Homes has come up with their best suggestions for how your family can create a safe and fun playroom that the kids are sure to enjoy for years to come.

Let them draw on the wall

Let’s be honest: having a young child can be exhausting. This is especially true when it seems like your child is constantly trying to figure out a new way to destroy a room’s paint job or stick a fork in an electrical socket. Fortunately, there’s a fairly easy way parents can both encourage their child’s creativity and keep them from wreaking havoc: chalk paint.

By painting one or two walls of the playroom with chalk paint, you can create a space that acts as an outlet for your child’s creativity. By giving them a designated space to draw on the wall without worrying about it causing any real damage, you also create a fun, conversation-starting accent wall. A definite win-win.

Think about the functionality of the space (especially the floor)

The mistake that many parents make when designing a playroom is focusing on aesthetics more than functionality. While your child may not spill things on a beautiful carpet or scuff up a gorgeous wooden floor as an infant, at three or four years, they’re capable of doing serious damage.

Focusing on functionality when designing a playroom will create a space that your child can enjoy for years, no matter how much wear they inflict upon it. Consider floor elements such as easily washable carpet or water-resistant faux wood with an area rug, both of which are convenient to maintain and also provide some cushioning for toddlers learning to walk. Covering outlets with child-proof covers and rounding off the edges of cupboards, shelves or storage spaces is also always a good idea. By taking a little time to think about how your kids will realistically interact with a space, you can create a playroom that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Get creative

Keep it simple, since the focus should be on the kid, not your own design sensibilities. What about building a fort in the room that has two “stories” (preferably with a window at second-story height)? This can act as a mock treehouse or a tower for fairytale reenactments. How about a slide down from the second level of the fort to a reading nook?

The truth is, there are an incredible number of creative and fun things you can do with a playroom that are sure to keep your child invested in the space for years. The only barrier to what a playroom can (or can’t) be is often your own creativity. By thinking more about what you would have wanted in a space when you were younger and less about what you like in a space now, you can create a wonderful, kid-friendly playroom that will stand the test of time.

If you’re interested in a home that will provide the perfect playroom for your children, why not look at the options we offer here at Craftmark Homes? We specialize in creating luxurious, intelligently-designed living spaces for families of every size. To learn more about what we can do for you, visit the Craftmark Homes website.