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4 reasons why Shirlington is a hot market

The housing market in Arlington, VA is undeniably heating up. Arlington has been a desirable location for years for young professionals moving into the D.C. workforce, and Amazon’s recent announcement of plans to build a second headquarters in Arlington will only drive more traffic into an already-robust housing market. For those of you looking to move to Arlington in the near future, our team here at Craftmark Homes recommends the Shirlington area — and in this article, we’ll give you four good reasons why.


1: Shirlington is in the middle of a renaissance

In 2005, Arlington invested heavily in Shirlington, expanding its main street and building a new theater, library and grocery store in the area. Over a decade later, that investment has paid off. This is reflective of a bustling area that is in the middle of a renaissance. The quality of the area is fantastic, and Shirlington is something of a closely held secret among Arlington residents.

2: It boasts incredible amenities

Arlington’s investment in Shirlington led to the opening of more restaurants, bars and theaters. From the award-winning Signature Theatre to the locals’ favorite Copperwoood Tavern to scenic plazas and parks, individuals and families can always find something exciting to do in Shirlington.

3: It’s amazingly convenient

Many homes in a destination like this come with the downside of a long commute. Not in Shirlington. The area boasts a $2 million commuter hub consisting of several buses capable of transporting residents from Shirlington to the Pentagon in around seven minutes. The area is also very car-friendly. It’s right off of I-395, which is less than 15 minutes from downtown D.C. in light traffic.

4: It’s an exciting destination   

Craftmark Homes is making it possible to have a brand-new home near the Shirlington area with our upcoming community, Fillmore Place of West Alexandria. The reasons listed above, among others, allows for better housing options in the Shirlington area as part of the revitalization, and Craftmark Homes is proud to be building in this exciting and innovative destination. The Shirlington area offers quality and convenience, making it a hotspot for potential buyers on the Arlington market.

Due to its destination, area amenities and convenience, Shirlington is far and away one of the hottest housing markets in Arlington. If you’re interested in checking out the Shirlington area, why not take a look at our Fillmore Place of West Alexandria community? All of our living spaces are intelligently designed to provide residents with the perfect combination of luxury and accessibility.