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Best ways to create a cozy dining room this fall

The fall season has just begun. The days will get shorter, temperatures will drop and leaves will transform into brilliant shades of auburn, ruby and golden yellow. It’s a magical time when you’ll want your home to be a warm, inviting place for friends and family!

Perhaps no other room in the home is as communal as the dining room, so you’ll want to give its decor extra attention. Here are a few ideas to help you create a cozy dining room that welcomes the laughter and good feelings inherent in the upcoming holiday-filled season.

Warm color schemes

Ditch the cooler colors of your summer d├ęcor. The blues and bright whites made sense for the past season, but warmer color schemes incorporate traditional fall hues and set the scene for a room you can escape to when the wind sends an icy chill down your spine.

Seasonal decor

A good way to achieve warmer color schemes is to use seasonal decor in your dining room. Natural items such as pumpkins, gourds, decorative corn cobs and wheat are choices that have variations of the orange and yellow colors you’re planning to use. Those colors offer a nice contrast to more-muted hues typically found on walls and dishware.

Fun table centerpieces

A nice centerpiece will draw the eye of anyone who walks into the room. For fall, incorporate faux greens, fall leaves, acorns and berries. You can buy a ready-made centerpiece or get creative and construct one yourself with outdoor finds or craft store equivalents.

Plate chargers

Plate chargers sit under your dinner plates at the dining room table and frame them nicely. They add a touch of refinement and class to the look of the room. We recommend getting rustic wooden chargers to suit the season better. You’ll be amazed at how a simple thing can elevate the aesthetic.