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Five great tips for turning your guest room into an oasis

With a Craftmark home offering three or four bedrooms, you’ve got the opportunity to welcome guests in style. You’ll want them to feel comfortable, relaxed, and like they’ve reached their “home away from home.” Chances are, your potential houseguests will vary in their tastes and needs, so how do you keep everyone happy and make their visits the best ever? Here are our top five tips on creating the perfect guest room.

Leave ample space

You will certainly need some accoutrements in your guest room, but don’t let it get too cluttered. Nobody likes feeling like a cramped sardine. Guests need some space to kick their feet up, spread out their luggage, and feel at home. Your interior design should take this into account by leaving a generous amount of open space for someone to walk around without bumping into two dressers and that quirky antique chair.

Don’t skimp on the bed


Just because you won’t be sleeping in the guest room yourself doesn’t mean you should skimp on the mattress and bedding. The most important thing your guests will do in their room is sleep, so don’t make it difficult for them. Fit the room with a comfortable, appropriately sized bed. We recommend having a good number of pillows and blankets available as well so that guests can choose whether they want a full-on pillow fort, or just a single one. You can store your family’s extras in the guest bedroom closet so that guests have easy access depending on their preferences!

Easy access to outlets

Design your room so that there are multiple outlets available for use. People today need to charge their phones, tablets, laptops and more all at the same time. There’s nothing more annoying than having to look behind the bed or dresser to access an outlet. If you have to put furniture in front of an outlet, run a power strip to a more easily-accessed location.

Bedside tables

Guests will want an easy, memorable spot in which to place their personal items such as keys, wallets and phones. Having a bedside table or two goes a long way. Put a lamp on it as well so that your guest can light up the area in the middle of the night if necessary, without having to get up and fumble their way toward the light switch. (Extra tip: Always use warm light bulbs in bedrooms. It mimics the color of firelight and will relax you. If you use a bluer, daylight-balanced bulb, it tricks your brain into thinking it’s day time and make it more difficult to fall asleep.)

Nice window coverings

You’ll want to outfit your windows with blinds and curtains to give guests the best possible options for sleep and privacy. Some people will want to block out all light in order to get the most restful sleep, while others may want to be woken up by the sun as it rises. Adjustable blinds and curtains allow for either.

Bonus tip: They’ll be fans

You never know what quirks your guests bring. If you don’t have a ceiling fan in the room, incorporate a small table top fan into your décor, or keep one in the closet with the extra blankets and pillows. Some people like a little circulation when the sleep.

These tips still allow you to decorate your guest room how you want and keep it in sync with the rest of the house, while remaining flexible enough for all sorts of guests. Craftmark Homes has been a premier home builder in the Washington, D.C., area for 27 years, so we know the benefits that an extra bedroom or two can give. If you’re in the area and looking for a new home, contact us today to discuss your needs.