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Four ways to make this Presidents’ Day special

Often overlooked and underrated, Presidents’ Day is a holiday that those in the Washington, D.C., area can uniquely appreciate. Being at the epicenter of the United States political system lends a bit more perspective to the holiday for residents, and opens a few more opportunities. So, this Presidents’ Day, here are some interesting ways that you can celebrate with your family.

Things to do on Presidents’ Day

  • Visit a historic site. There are plenty of historic locations in all of the counties in which Craftmark Homes operates. Chances are, if you’re in Washington, D.C., you’re aware of many of these areas. Simply throw a dart on a map, and it’s likely to land on an interesting spot. But what about our other communities? If you’re in Annapolis, check out the Annapolis Historic District. There you can find the Maryland State House, which happens to be America’s first peacetime capitol. For those in Montgomery County, head down to White’s Ferry and enjoy a ferry ride and read up on the troops that crossed there during the Civil War

    Residents of Loudoun County can tour the Virginia Capitol Building, which was designed by Thomas Jefferson! Now that’s history. And Fairfax County is home to George Washington’s Mount Vernon. Celebrating the very first president just seems right on Presidents’ Day. There is history all around us, so get out there and discover it!
  • Entertain guests. Your luxury Craftmark home offers a terrific opportunity to entertain guests. Invite extended family and friends over to celebrate the extra day off work, put on some C-SPAN, and have a rockin’ time! Okay, you don’t have to put on C-SPAN. Our spacious gourmet kitchens will make prepping hors-d’oeuvres and impressive meals a snap. If you live in one of our single-family homes or a townhome with a deck, take the party outside and grill up a feast fit for the commander in chief! Your guests will love your home’s spacious interiors, thoughtful living spaces, and elegant dining areas. Turn it into an annual get-together, and people will start circling Presidents Day on their calendars.
  • Go shopping. Craftmark Homes builds its luxury communities in close proximity to some of the area’s prime shopping districts. Many businesses take advantage of people being off work by having big Presidents’ Day sales. Visit our townhomes at Clarksburg Town Center and then head over to the Clarksburg Tanger Outlets. Or stroll around Old Town Alexandria and head over to South Alex® to shop for your next luxury home.
  • Stay in with the family. If you’re not feeling up to trips out or entertaining guests, use Presidents’ Day to decompress and relax with your family. Craftmark homes are built with your comforts in mind, so cuddle up next to the fireplace and unwind. Or, gather everyone into the family room and watch a good movie (bonus points if it’s “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”). You’re sure to feel rejuvenated and refreshed after the holiday.
  • Craftmark Homes has been a premier homebuilder in the Washington, D.C., area for nearly 30 years. We offer impeccably built homes with timeless appeal. If you’re interested in learning more about our communities and floorplan options, contact us today! We can help get you into the house of your dreams.