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Fun things you can do around the house for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and Father’s Day is not far behind. This year, why not skip the crowded restaurants and do something around the house to show mom and dad you care? With a little creativity, you can make those days special without ever having to leave home.

Families tend to remember the house they grew up in, not the outings they went on. Make some memories in your home this year!

Mother’s Day

Surprise mom with thoughtfulness and by spending some time with her doing what she wants. Here are some examples.

Breakfast in bed. Maybe a little more like brunch in bed? Let mom sleep in, then enjoy her favorite breakfast, handmade by you of course. The fabulous kitchens in Craftmark homes make this a fun, rewarding experience.

Don’t just scramble some eggs and call it a day, either. Make it special!

Home décor. Mom’s probably got a decorating project somewhere that she’d love to have some help with. Spend some time working on making something beautiful together.

Family pictures. Help make memories that’ll last forever. Get together and take some new family pictures. And spend plenty of time looking at many of the past ones! If all you have is your phone to take pictures, make sure you have the resolution turned to max, and get some nice shots printed and framed. The photo shoot feel will have her feeling special.

Bake together. Treat mom to her favorite or help her make something that’s usually a bit too much work. You’ll enjoy not just the time bonding, but the delicious results of your baking! Better yet, find out her favorite fancy dessert and make it for her. Surprise her with it after dinner, and you’re sure to score some brownie points.

Create a home spa day. Set mom up with some luxe bath bombs and a bottle of her favorite bubbly, and clear out of the house for the day. It will give mom a chance to relax and refocus on a day that’s really all about her!

Father’s Day

Find a chance to spend time with dad on something he’s working on, or just help out with something he’s been putting off!

Build something. From race cars to model trains, every dad has something he builds. Reconnect with dad by working together with him on something that will have value to both of you. It’s okay if he’s a car guy, and you barely know the difference between a lug nut and a cashew nut.

It’s never too late for dad to teach you something, so show some genuine interest.

Do a project. Surely dad has more than a few projects around the house that he could use a hand on. Having someone care enough to want to help means a lot. Maybe work on something he’s been slowly getting around to.

Has he been wanting to build a barbecue pit or retaining wall in the back yard? Lend him a hand!

Help with maintenance. Everyone loves being relieved of chores, and dad is no different. Mow the yard, clean out the gutters, or wash his car. There are plenty of odd jobs that dad’s responsible for that he could use a little help once a year.

Give him his space. Sometimes, all dad wants is a few hours to kick back and relax without being pulled in a ton of different directions. Pick up his favorite 6-pack and snacks, and take mom out on a date while dad gets to put his feet up and catch up on his favorite shows.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day don’t have to mean extravagant gifts or taking your parents out to destination activities. This year, spend some quality time at home with your parents and let them know how much they mean to you.

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