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Important tips when choosing a floor plan

Choosing the correct floor plan for you and your family will make you much happier in the long run. It’s your dream home – and you deserve to have it how you want it! You’ll be spending so much of your time there, it should feel like it’s yours.

It’s a big decision, however, and to ensure that you’re satisfied, you should take the time to figure out what you need from a potential home. Here, we try to guide you along that path so you can find something you’ll love.

Assess your needs

Before deciding on a floor plan, you should consider a few things. To make the most-informed decision, try making a list of what you need now and what you may want in the future. A few questions to think about include:

How much space will you need? 

Do you have a family? Do you host a lot of house guests? Plan ahead the best you can. That cute two-bedroom condo is great for a three-person family right now, but if you might need more space in the future. If you’re unsure about what the future holds (aren’t we all?) lean toward more square footage, since that offers the most amount of flexibility. Your family will be able to grow, and host, without worrying about having to find another place. Craftmark offers flexible floor plans that give you the best configuration for your family.

What type of neighborhood will be you be happiest in?

Townhomes and condos are more prevalent in urban areas, so make sure you’re researching your options. Redevelopment is happening in a lot of areas, creating opportunities to join previously built-out areas. If you prefer a larger yard and room to roam, a single-family home will fit your needs.

What are your personal design preferences?

Do you prefer segmented areas or open floor plan designs? What kind of layouts do you like for important areas such as the kitchen? Are you into islands, nooks, decks or foyers? Try to lock down the types of design that make you the happiest, and choose the floor plan that best matches your perfect scenario. At Craftmark, we have personalized option packages developed in league with professional designers, so you can create a space that’s truly yours.

What kind of lifestyle do you have?

Different features suit different lifestyles. Those with families may find that more-open floor plans could restrict privacy and increase the overall noise level. If you’re a busy professional who has to get work done at home, having a dedicated space for a home office would be a great choice. Those into fitness potentially would want a room to put a treadmill in or other exercise equipment. Take a detailed account of your life and how your home could enhance it.

Craftmark has it all

Craftmark Homes has specialized in designing and building quality homes and communities in the Washington, D.C., area for more than 27 years. With dozens of floor plan options, you’re sure to find one that meets and exceeds your needs.

Look through all of them here and contact us today to schedule a consultation. We can help get you into your dream home.