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Maximizing your patio space

Summer is coming, and it just might be time to start thinking about how to transform your patio into the perfect space for outdoor dinners, barbecues, and just relaxing. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for homeowners to maximize their patio space!

Let your furniture do double (or triple!) duty

Multifunctional design just may be the best trend in modern furniture. From chairs that double as hidden storage spaces to built-in benches, to coffee tables that can expand to add seating or serve as drink coolers or fire pits, there’s no shortage of amazing multifunctional furniture and storage options on the market. Investing in items that can serve many purposes allows you to open up more of the patio space for a garden or other design elements, while also maintaining the functionality of the space.

Don’t ignore the deck

If your patio has a wooden floor, it might be time to consider showing it some love. Patio decks experience a lot of wear and tear, which often gives them a dreary, weathered look. Freshen up your deck with a power wash and a fresh coat of varnish, or a paint job in a design of your choosing. Just make sure that you’re selecting weatherproof options so that your choice will stand the test of time.

Curtains are for the outdoors, too

Speaking of weather-proofing, don’t underestimate the utility of outdoor curtains. You can buy thick water-proof curtains that not only create shade, but also protect your patio from summer thunderstorms while allowing you to let in plenty of light. Curtains are a great way to add some interesting patterns to your patio!

Consider your colors

While color selection does depend on the atmosphere you want your patio to evoke, we suggest opting for lighter colors overall. Light-colored furniture remains cooler in the summer. It will also help make your patio appear bigger and brighter. White, off-white, teal, light green, or beige tones all lend themselves nicely to summer patio furniture. Use darker or brighter colors sparingly as accents, and they will pop against your neutral background.

Gardening? Think vertically

Cultivating a miniature garden within a patio can be a great way to create a space that lets you feel closer to nature and more relaxed (miniature gardens look great, too). When creating a garden in a patio, think vertically. Utilizing plants or vines that tend to grow upward (plants like bamboo or wisteria come to mind) lets you do a lot with very little space. Complement these vertical elements with smaller plants like succulents or cacti, or consider a small herb garden if you want something that can also be functional.

There you have it! With these ideas and your own creativity, you can make your patio a space no one will want to leave this summer. If you’re interested in adding a divine patio onto your home, why not use Craftmark Homes? We specialize in building luxurious, intelligently designed living spaces. To learn more about what Craftmark can do for you, click here.