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Six great costume ideas for your dog this Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, now is the time to start planning your annual costume party. Even after the Raggedy Ann and Andy costumes are dry cleaned and the punch bowl is thoroughly washed, there are still other issues to address. One such problem is that your pup looks conspicuously like a regular dog. Let them join in on the Halloween fun by dressing them up!

Costume ideas for your dog

The following list centers around dogs because Mittens the Cat plays by her own rules. And while it would be amazing to dress your pet iguana in a 19th-century dress and call it Lizzie Borden, it’s just not that practical. So, here are a few costume ideas for your dog that will keep their tails wagging and your guests smiling.


Kids and adults find it irresistibly cute. This costume works well on small or big dogs alike. A simple mane goes a long way in selling the illusion. Fido will feel like king of the jungle as he roams around the house looking after the pride. Since it’s essentially a fancy collar, dogs might feel more comfortable with this option than they would with others.

Hot dog

Hot diggity dog, this is adorable. You can purchase this costume from a pet store or make it a fun DIY project. Are you a part of the new school who likes ketchup on your hot dogs, or are you a mustard purist? Now you can proudly display your condiment loyalties on your four-legged friend. Bonus points if you have a wiener dog.


This is great for those who think their dog’s spirit animal is the beautiful and mystical unicorn. If you have a large breed and you don’t think will respond well to wearing a full costume, have them wear only the headpiece. The horn is the most recognizable part of the disguise anyway.


The perfect option when you’re crunched for time and need to get a costume together pronto. Loosely wrap non-adhesive bandages around your dog, taking care to not restrict their movement. Guests will gasp and “Awww” as mummy dog arises from his tomb in search of dinner scraps.


Your pup will look sharp decked out in dino duds. The look works on all sized dogs, but in our opinion, it’s the funniest on smaller breeds. Cuteness wins the day with a costume 65 million years in the making. Welcome to Jurassic Bark.


Star Wars nerds don’t have to travel to galaxies far, far away to see the teddy bear-like creatures called Ewoks. This costume works best for those with small breeds such as shih tzus because all you need to add is the Ewok shawl, and they’ll look screen-ready.

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