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The KonMari Method™ explained in time for spring cleaning!

Spring is in the air! It’s that magical time of year when the flowers and leaves return from their winter slumber and bloom, and it’s officially safe to step foot outside without a jacket. It also means that it’s time for your annual spring cleaning. We heard you groan – it doesn’t have to be like that!

There is a popular, new tidying up philosophy from an author named Marie Kondo. You may have read her book, or seen the Netflix special. She is attempting to making cleaning up a more rejuvenating experience. So, what’s it all about? Here’s a quick summary.


The KonMari Method™ Method

Marie Kondo’s decluttering technique is named the KonMari Method™ and the basic concept is rather simple: only have items that “spark joy in you” in your house at any given moment. This method of cleaning has deep roots in the Shinto religion and is meant to address the stress inherent to a busy, modern (and cluttered) life.

There are many aspects of the technique, but here are some of the easiest concepts to apply:

  • Respect your clothing. It isn’t just about throwing things away – it’s about respect! Many closets are cram-packed with our belongings. According to KonMari Method™, your clothes shouldn’t be bundled up together or hung without any thought to keeping the space open. Start with a cleanse – keep the clothes that “spark joy” in you and donate the rest. This opens up more space for the clothes you like and allows you to view them in a more natural manner. You’ll have an easy-access understanding of what you own, actually wear the wardrobe you already have, and won’t buy a tenth version of that (you know what it is!) because you’ll remember you have one already – that you can find! Also, don’t hang clothes when you can fold them. Kondo actually has a whole technique for efficiently folding clothes, so check it out if you’re interested!
  • Organize by category instead of by room. Most people clean their house by room, but this can create confusion about what you actually own and create clutter. The KonMari Method™ encourages you to clean your home by category. So, instead of tidying up the bedroom, you might tidy up your clothes, books, or exercise equipment, gathering those items from all the places they’re scattered around the house, sorting them, and storing them where they should belong. If you gather all of those books and keep the ones that truly bring you joy, you can organize them neatly in one place. This will keep your home decluttered, and the overall ambiance will be calming and serene.

There are many other elements to the technique, but those two points encompass a decent chunk of the overall philosophy. It really is an interesting way to clean your house, and Kondo has jumpstarted an outright craze.

It’s a novel pursuit and anything that keeps the home cleaner while making people happier is okay by us!

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