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The Living Room Checklist: What every living room needs

The Living Room Checklist: What every living room needs

The living room is the centerpiece of your home. It’s the place used to entertain guests and spend time with your family. As such, it’s important to furnish it with some essential items to promote a more inviting, comfortable atmosphere.

Your Living Room Checklist

For this room, you’ll want a cohesive aesthetic that ties together other rooms in the house. Choose complementary colors for your walls and furnishings, with pops of contrasting color to shift attention towards specific places. After you decide on your overall style, make sure your living room has the following items:


Every living room needs a nice sofa. Who doesn’t like to come home from work and sink into a big, luxurious couch? There are many different options, so consider a few variables. Do you have an open room layout? Perhaps a sectional or right-angle couch would be best to give more structure to the room. On the other hand, if the room is already structured, two parallel sofas would provide ample seating and encourage conversation while maintaining an open environment.

Coffee Table

Guests and family members will want a place to put drinks or other small items. You can choose a single, central coffee table or have smaller end tables beside the sofa. Pick a table that fits the aesthetic theme of the room. If it’s rustic, light wooden tables look right at home. If it’s more modern, glass, metal and darker woods complement the style nicely. Additionally, make sure you pick an option that’s sized appropriately for your room and sofa choices. And don’t forget the coasters!

Textile Accents

Don’t underestimate the importance of this living room essential. Having a blanket handy for yourself or any guests will maximize comfort in your living room. And throw pillows are great for watching movies and lounging around. You can find fabrics that perfectly complement the overall style of your space – making for useful and decorative additions to your living room. 

Area Rug

The hardwood floors of a luxury living room look fantastic, but if they cover a large area, it can look a bit homogenous. Area rugs are versatile and add color and texture to a room. They help create distinct spaces from an open floor plan, without putting up walls! (Not to mention, they’re more comfortable for the feet.)


A great living room typically has large windows that bathe the area in natural light. For more flexibility, however, the windows should have nice curtains within your color scheme. That way, if you ever need to cut down on a glare or if someone has the sun in their eyes, you can easily remedy the problem. Don’t skimp out on the curtain rods, either. They need to be high quality and sturdy.

Art and Decorations

Nothing says class like a fine piece of art on the wall. Art can be the focal point of the room and a great conversation piece. Additionally, adding various other decorations such as plants or family pictures adds a sense of warmth and welcome to the room – with these extra details, it’s obvious that the living room is a cozy space.

Light Fixtures

Spend some time choosing your light fixtures. Whichever you prefer, we recommend you choose a warm, LED light bulb – which will be relaxing (and eco-friendly!) rather than glaring. Mix up your light features so you can have the right amount of light for the occasion. Between recessed lighting, table and standing lamps, or a major fixture like a chandelier, you can layer fashionably and keep your eyes happy.

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